CW102 - Dark Grey Wall Panel


The surface is stained to a rich dark grey with earthy tones which enhance the natural patina of the air cured cement. Panels are machined from pressed sheets of air cured, natural fibre cement – each deliberately rough handled to add industrial marks, blemishes, scratches and dents which enhance the industrial aesthetic unique to Concreate. Precision cut, the panels are lightweight and are simply bonded, without need for grout, to any flat surface – from stud partitions to suspended ceilings, forming heavyweight concrete architectural features whilst not requiring any extra support. The panels are coated with the same high solid oil as the floor panels to give a raw brutalist aesthetic and form a truly sustainable alternative to conventional poured concrete and heavy polished concrete slabs. View the gallery…


600 x 4 x 1200 mm | RRP: £73.49/m²

Product Specification: Download Full Data Sheet

Pack contents: 2.88 m2 with 4 panels


Dark Grey polished concrete with 3 coats of Concreate high solid Danish oil.


4 mm Skim of natural fibre reinforced cement, with precision cut squared edges.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

Concreate is sealed with high solid natural oil and is water and stain resistant. For detailed advice click here…

Installation basics:

Concreate wall panels are fitted on any flat supported surface, including walls, ceilings, and furniture. Panels are butt joined and corners are sanded and filled or mitre cut. Click here for more…

Heat Resistance:

Concreate wall panels are heat and fire resistant and can be installed around chimney breasts, fire surrounds and stoves.

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