Concreate Wall Panels

A completely new and innovative concrete product that is a prefinished. Polished concrete wall and ceiling panel suitable for glueing to new construction or retro-fitted over existing walls and ceilings. The cladding is suitable for interior use and limited external use.

Concrete wall panels are only 4mm thick and weigh less than 7 kilograms per square metre making them suitable for many uses other than just walls and ceilings including fabrications and joinery, etc. Without doubt creative architects and designers will find a myriad of alternative uses for this incredibly attractive and versatile cladding product. The panels can be installed in any interior space.

The panels are available in the same shades as the flooring and are ready for interior installation, Natural Grey, Dark Grey, Metal Grey, Titanium Black and Mineral White. The panels are finished with three coats of a specially formulated high solid oil and offer the same stain resistance as the floor panel.

CW101/ Natural Grey

CW101/ Natural Grey

CW107/ Titanium Black

CW108/ Metal Grey