Versatile concrete floors that work with any interior style

Whatever your interior taste, one of the key elements in interior design that really brings a scheme together is the choice of flooring. It is likely to be the largest piece of all your fixtures and fittings, and selected well should deliver a harmonious and effortless backdrop that subtly holds a space together.

One of the advantages of Concreate floor panels is their ability to do just that, regardless of the interior style of a space. While a characterful wood floor lends itself to traditional design, and sleek tiles work well in minimalist spaces, versatile Concreate’s unique textured patina and smooth lines hold up against any interior taste to deliver a backdrop that blends naturally with your chosen style.

We’ve taken a look at five key interior looks that all feature Concreate flooring, taken from real life installation stories our customers have shared with us.

Modern Open Plan Living

High up on the wish list in home renovation is the desire to create open plan living. By combining cooking, dining and living spaces, gone are barely used rooms and disjointed family living and natural space, flow and light bring connection to everyday living.

Finding a floor that works across all uses and accentuates the space can be difficult. Concreate’s polished concrete panels used in open plan living promote space and light. Each panel’s subtle texture, combined with the smooth lines once installed, effortlessly connect spaces, offering soft warmth and unforced style.

Concrete open plan 2  Concrete open plan living 1

Warehouse style

Whether you live in a warehouse property, or are just trying to recreate some of the design features typical of this style of living, concrete has a natural place in the mix of exposed brick, industrial metal features and layered surfaces typical of warehouse styling.

Warehouse spaces often feature raised levels, mezzanines and non uniform walls and layouts – which rule our opting for traditional poured or polished concrete. The lightweight Concreate panels overcome all these installation obstacles and deliver the perfect concrete juxtaposition to blend with warehouse design elements.

Concrete warehouse 2   Concrete warehouse living 1

Minimalist contemporary

In a chaotic world many people turn to a minimalist design at home that promotes a calm, uncluttered lifestyle. Clean lines, simple colours and modern design doesn’t mean a soulless space, but can create an oasis for contemporary living. Concreate floors don’t compete with this calm; they promote it when mixed with this interior style. The soft concrete textures add the warmth needed to bind simplistic styles and colours together to create sophisticated style.

From ultra modern kitchen design to tranquil bedroom spaces, Concreate floors are the perfect finishing touch to deliver contemporary style.

Concrete minimalist 2  Concrete minamilist 1

Classic Country

While interior trends come and go, timeless classic design that draws on cosiness and country style never seem to age.  Woods, shaker styles and layers of warm textures deliver homely, classic charm.

Concrete hasn’t always had a place in this interior look, but adding extra textures puts a modern twist on this classic style. It’s a testament really to how Concreate floors seem to have an almost chameleon type effect to blend and disguise themselves against any interior back drop.

Mixed with rustic woods and soft upholstery the natural concrete patina delivers a layer of contrast that sits perfectly in a classic palette.

Concrete country classic 1  Concrete Traditional kitchen

Eclectic palettes

For the brave interior designer, having a vision to set a bold and unique materials palette is the route to creating your own bespoke interior style worthy of the interior design magazines. Eclectic material choices predetermined and delivered with conviction can have stunning results.

With the rise in popularity of concrete in interior design, this surface has a natural place in an eclectic palette to deliver mixed surfaces with graceful style.

Concrete eclectic 2  Concrete eclectic 1

To start planning how to introduce versatile Concreate into your interior project why not order free samples. The panels are available in various colour tones giving you flexibility to choose the ideal contrast for your space.

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