Repair Kit

Concreate Repair Kits can be used to repair and fill small areas of floor and wall. The kits are available in 5 colours to match the Concreate colours – Natural Grey, Dark Grey, Metal Grey , Titanium Black and Mineral White.

The kits include a small bottle of repair powder and bottle of touch up oil. The repair powder is mixed with water and a small amount of white PVA glue to fill small chips and holes and also used to fill edges and corners in wall installations. The touch up oil can be used to seal any unfinished areas.

Minor damage made to the edges of panels prior to, or during installation can be repaired easily with Concreate Repair Powder and touch up oil following the instructions below.

1. Before carrying out any repair work, the damaged area should first be assessed.  There should be no movement in the panel and any loose material should be removed with a sharp blade, finally the area should be cleaned and dry.

2. A small amount of powder is mixed with water and a small amount of PVA glue to form a smooth paste with stiff peaks, adding more water or powder if required. The mixture should be spreadable so that it does not leave cracks. Apply the mixture to the damaged area, using palette knife or metal spreader. The PVA will ensure the mixture hardens and stabilises.

Concreate - Repair Kit

NOTE: It is a good idea to make a test mixture first if unsure about the colour match. Sometimes it is necessary to mix the repair powders from different kits to achieve the required colour match. For example, when filling a lighter area of Natural Grey Floor it may be necessary to add some Mineral White Repair powder to the Natural Grey Powder if an exact colour match is required.


3. Once the filler paste has been spread into the damaged area, smooth and remove any excess mixture with the palette knife. Leave to dry for 10 minutes and smooth with a damp cloth and if needed use a blade to form a bevelled edge. A damp cloth can be used to lightly smooth the surface and clean any rescue from the surrounding area.



4. The repaired section should be left  to cure for 12 hrs at 20ºC after which it can be lightly sanded if required.

5. Once dry the repaired area can be sealed with Concreate touch up oil. This should be applied with a lint free cloth or buffing pad. Oil should be applied sparingly and any excess should be buffed off. The oil should be left for 12 hours to fully cure.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any cloths or rags used to apply oil should be soaked in water and disposed of in an airtight container or washed immediately after use to avoid the possible risk of self ignition and fire as the oil cures on the cloth.

6. When filling corners and edges, the same process is followed and sand paper can be used once the filler is fully cured.