New Products | Discover our brand new extra textured wall panel colours

The Concreate wall panel range has been extended as we introduce three new extra textured wall finishes into the collection, giving you even more creativity in how you introduce natural urban infused surfaces into your interior design.

Our new Textured Wall collection focuses on adding a more dramatic patina to the pre-cast panels, creating a highly authentic and striking architectural finish which produces the appearance of pits, cracks and bubble marks for a more rustic concrete design.

In addition to the added texture the three new Concreate colourways reflect natural elements beyond the horizon of classic concrete surfaces.

Concreate Texture Wall/ Moss Green

Natural earthy green hues with defined concrete characteristics embedded in the textured finish create a unique colourway for statement wall design.

Concreate textured concrete wall panel in moss green finish

Concreate Texture Wall/ Metallic Mineral Copper

Metallic copper tones are conveyed in the textured tones of earthy browns and concrete character creating a warm metal like finish.

concreate extra textured concrete wall panels in living room

Concreate Texture Wall/ Mineral Sand

Created from a purer white concrete base, sandy copper like tones ripple through in the bubble marks creating an almost concrete marble effect.

room set with mineral sand walls

All three finishes of these new extra textured concrete panels are available as standard pre-cast lightweight wall panels in sizes: Rectangular measuring 600 x 1200 x 4mm and Square measuring 600 x 600 x 4mm.

About Concreate wall panels

Large format concrete wall tiles have in the past been cumbersome objects pre-cast in thick concrete which must be fixed to load bearing walls and reinforced structures. Concreate has revolutionised the way the concrete aesthetic can now be applied with large format panels which are just 4 mm thick and weigh just over 7 kg per square metre. Panels can be bonded with Concreate Wall Adhesive to just about any flat surface, including, walls, ceilings, furniture and counter tops.

creative use of concreate concrete wall panels

As with our floors the surface has the same tactile quality and is sealed with three coats of high solid natural oil, maintaining the raw aesthetic and producing a durable surface that is both water and stain resistant.

Simple installation

The wall panels can be cut easily to fit any flat shape and in some instances have been heated and manipulated to fit curved structures.

Due to the natural fibre make-up of the cement, panels can be drilled and screwed without fear of cracks. The precision squared edges are fitted with simple butt joins and do not require grout.

Corner joints can also be butt joined, filled with Concreate repair powder and sanded for a smooth finish. Cut with a diamond blade the panels can also be mitre joined for precision detailing on furniture pieces. With modern CNC and routing tools the panels can be embellished with patterns and logos can be cut into the face with great effect.

Concrete versatility

Concreate Wall panels are made from the same top layer as the floor panels and come in the same selection of colours to match the floor. Keen designers can create heavy looking concrete structures with a lightweight construction, or retro fit concrete without the need for drastic rebuilds.

These new colours add to our existing wall panel finishes for a comprehensive collection of concrete wall surfaces which deliver compelling architectural style for feature walls or can be clad to structures to make them appear like fully cast concrete.

Concreate Wall/ Natural Grey

Concreate concrete wall panels in natural grey

Concreate Wall/ XL (available in all colours)

extra large concrete wall panels in living room setting

Concreate Wall/ Titanium Black

Concreate wall panels in titanium black

Concreate Wall/ Metal Grey

concreate wall panels in metal grey

Find out more about our concrete wall panels and order free samples.

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