New colours | Titanium Black & Metal Grey added to the Concreate collection

Two brand new colours have arrived in our pre-cast polished concrete floor and wall panel collection – adding even more choice in how you introduce urban concrete style into your interior design.

Developed in response to design feedback, the new colourways introduce warm tones that combine perfectly with the unique concrete patina that Concreate panels deliver.

Titanium Black delivers a rich seam of dark grey mineral colour which permeates through to the surface to deliver a depth and boldness which forms the perfect contrast to any colour scheme.


Metal Grey embraces a rich patination of steel blue greys which wash through the mottled and naturally blemished tactile surface of each Concreate panel.


Discerning home and professional designers are appreciating the importance of surface design more than ever when creating an interior scheme – and floor and wall choices are essential to bring a space together and deliver a stand-out design.

Concrete, whether used in isolation or mixed with other surface materials such as metal and wood, is surging in popularity. No longer the hard, industrial material of the 1960’s, introducing modern concrete surfaces into interior design creates a contemporary and architectural edge – and Concreate panels offer endless versatility in how concrete surfaces can be introduced into a room.

Floor Panels

Concreate floor panels use a tongue and groove system, similar to wood flooring, which allows complete flexibility in how you choose to lay them.  Opt for a seamless straight floor, or why not look to add patterns and zones to your concrete floors – from herringbone to geometric layouts, the pre-cast polished concrete floor panels will work in whatever layout you choose.

They also have the added benefit that they are lightweight so can be used on raised, mezzanine and upper floors, and the tongue and groove profile allows a seamless transition to other floors finishes such as wood, something you can’t achieve with traditional poured concrete floors.

Learn more about the installation benefits of Concreate floors over traditional concrete and tiles.

Wall Panels

Innovative Concreate wall panels have made the application of concrete surfaces, big or small, simpler and far more cost effective than conventional concrete methods.

The lightweight, prefinished, polished concrete panels are just 4mm thick and weigh less than 2 kg per m2, making them suitable for straightforward glue application to any wall, ceiling or structure to create instant architectural features.

And by keeping the panels as light as possible it means even large structures can be clad in concrete to create impressive design features that use a lot less materials, making Concreate an eco-friendly choice.

The design possibilities are endless from feature walls and kitchen splashbacks to vanity units and feature lighting.

Discover more design ideas using Concreate wall panels.

Free samples of these new colours, and our existing Mineral White and Natural Grey can be requested here.

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