Concreate Natural Grey floors deliver the perfect contemporary twist in Cheshire family home

Installation Type: Residential
Product(s) Used: CF101/ Natural Grey

Earlier this year Interior Designer Lucy Burt and her family were considering a move. Lucy was keen on finding a project that would give her the opportunity to create open plan living space for her family to enjoy more time together.

About to make an offer on a period home very near to where they live in Sale, Cheshire, at the eleventh hour Lucy realised that it was not the right move. The new home was in a poor state of repair, and rather than risk the spiralling costs of renovation, Lucy saw that the space she craved could actually be created in their existing home.

Lucy explained, “When we bought this house it had already been reconfigured at the back, but the kitchen and dining rooms were separated by internal French doors, and the use of different flooring in the two spaces made the rooms feel even more disconnected. I realised that with some simple alterations I could open up this area and design our ideal family space.”

Decision made, the French doors were removed and the remaining opening was extended to improve the flow between the two spaces.

One of the challenges of the space was that the kitchen was located at the centre of the rear of the house meaning it had limited natural light.

“I had my heart set on a darker style kitchen with traditional cabinetry influences, so key to the rest of the surfaces would be products and colours that would work with this and accentuate light.”

Lucy worked with local specialists Designs for Life by Cottage creating her dream kitchen. Key to her brief was a traditional wood finish in dark navy and a design that would provide enough storage without the need for wall units to ensure the space felt open and uncluttered.

Choice of flooring was next. “First of all we considered wood planks or parquet – an obvious choice for a more classic style of kitchen. But I had reservations as I felt this was all leaning towards traditional and I wanted the design to have a contemporary edge.”

“I didn’t want tiles so began to explore poured concrete options. I really liked the idea of contrasting the dark navy wood with a more urban and modern finish.”

“The high cost of poured concrete and potential risk of cracks worried me though. Then I remembered that I had previously ordered Concreate samples for a client’s project. I dug them back out and took another look at the Concreate website – I felt they could be the ideal floor for this project.”

Lucy got in touch with a local Concreate retailer Calder Valley Flooring in Halifax. Lee Morton visited and left full size sample planks for the family to get a feel for them.

“Lee was so helpful. We spent a few days living with the samples. There were so many things we liked about the Concreate panels. They felt surprisingly warm and soft underfoot and we loved the natural non-uniform concrete textures found in the surface of each plank.”

Placing the order, Calder Valley Floors returned to install Concreate Natural Grey throughout the kitchen and dining space. The original subfloors were levelled out and the planks installed in just a few days.

“We finished the project a few months ago and are really enjoying our new space. The floors have been brilliant. I was slightly nervous about cleaning and maintaining the floors given we have two children, a dog and a cat, but the floors have been no problem at all. They are incredibly easy to clean using Woods Good Natural floor cleaner and they really do appear like new each time I clean them.”

“I also feel like I don’t have to be too precious about the floors as the natural patina and texture is very forgiving. And they have been perfect in delivering the contemporary design twist I wanted to contrast with the more traditional elements of the design, whilst promoting natural light throughout the space.”

Photo credit: Julie Harris Photography

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