Concreate walls and floors complete warehouse styling in London apartment

Installation Type: Residential
Product(s) Used: CF101/ Natural Grey | CW101/ Natural Grey

Eliana Boudet moved into this London apartment back in 2004. The flat was fine to live in, but her intention in time was to complete a renovation to put her own stamp on the space and give it a complete interior upgrade.

London Warehouse Concreate installationThe apartment is located in Royal Arsenal, with a military history dating back some 300 years. Before being converted into flats it had been a military headquarters, and maintains its Grade II listed status and original warehouse style features and layouts that would become a key element of Eliana’s designs.

“Having been in the apartment since 2004 I knew it was somewhere I intended to stay, and with ideas always running through my mind was ready to go for the renovation last year.

“I was looking to achieve an ultra contemporary design that would represent London life but also blend harmoniously with the industrial warehouse elements already in place inside and outside the flat.”

Eliana completed minor reconfiguration works, making space for new fitted wardrobes and an improved kitchen layout. One aspect she was desperate to improve was the flooring.

“The existing apartment had a mix of flooring throughout – carpets, tiles and wood. It was confused and really unpractical from a flow and maintenance perspective.  I wanted to find one flooring product that would work throughout the apartment and harmonise with the apartments exposed brick and warehouse features, as well as my eclectic mix of furniture styles and the new modern kitchen.”

London warehouse with Concreate floors in modern living spaceEliana made enquiries about traditional polished concrete, marble and wood flooring options before discovering Concreate online and being impressed with both how it looked and the technology behind it.

“Being an apartment the choice of flooring had to comply with various building regulations including sound proofing and fire resistance, plus be lightweight enough to work with mezzanine floors and the flats existing sub-floors. Concreate ticked all these boxes, but most importantly to me, I loved the beautiful textured finish of the polished concrete panels – each with a slightly unique patina to give contrast and interest to the floors.”

Concreate Natural Grey floor panels have been installed throughout the two floors of the apartment. The concrete surfaces blend effortlessly with the exposed brick and metal features typical of authentic warehouse styling.

The neutral palette created promotes a calm environment for the bedroom spaces and offers a complementary backdrop to Eliana’s mix of furniture and dressings.

A natural flow has been created between the apartment’s zones, creating extra light and a feeling of more space.

London warehouse with Concreate kitchen splashbackThe floors were installed by Rob at Past and Present Flooring. He also went on to complete the finishing touches of concrete surfaces, applying Concreate Natural Grey wall panels to create an urban inspired kitchen splashback and concealing an unattractive boiler cupboard behind matching wall panels to become an integral part of the modern kitchen design.

“Just as important as the final aesthetics was to have a high quality material and perfect installation. The Concreate panels, and Rob’s expert installation has definitely achieved this.

“The use of Concreate has given my apartment a unique personality. It’s delivered a minimalist feel that still has a natural warmth that makes it homely at the same time. It’s really changed the space and it feels so much bigger and lighter now. It’s also a breeze to keep clean.

“I’m extremely happy with the results. I think your home can shape the way you think and feel and it’s lovely to have my friends and family around enjoying the new space, it’s perfect.”

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