Concreate floors help create an architecturally striking holiday home retreat in the US mountains

Installation Type:Residential
Product(s) Used:CF101/ Natural Grey

Our latest featured installation comes from Missoula in the USA. Missoula is located in the state of Montana. Located on the Clark Fork River, the well developed town centre is surrounded by five mountain ranges, leading Missoula to often be described as the “hub of five valleys”.

The design for a short-term rental property was conceived by the property’s owners in collaboration with local Missoula firms JCM Architecture and Encore Building.

Outside Kestrel HouseFirst came the unique location of the land, whilst located close to the well serviced town it is positioned in the woody mountainous outskirts, offering guests the feeling of staying in a mountain retreat.

Next the layout, which had to appreciate the small footprint of the site. At just 500 sq ft intelligent design and practical configuration was a prime consideration to deliver a holiday home that felt airy and spacious and maximised the expansive views afforded by its setting.

And finally the design and use of materials inside and out was to represent a decidedly modern approach that would still blend harmoniously into the mountainous setting.

The result is Kestrel House. Named after the smallest bird in the falcon family the completed home packs 900 sq ft of living space into its small footprint.

Externally the building’s façade features strong linear shapes and a covered second-story deck that sits on a dramatic cantilever adding an additional 10% of living space.

Colours and materials were selected from a kestrel inspired palette. Plumage inspired natural cedar, black fibre cements and charcoal grey metals, along with an orange beak coloured front door adding a subtle dash of vibrancy.

Living area in Kestrel House

The earthy exterior is in contrast to the bright and predominantly white interior. Designed to maximise space and light, elements of natural cedar and raw steel have been introduced to an otherwise minimalist décor to maintain a subtle relationship with the outside of the property.

The selection of Concreate Natural Grey flooring throughout the home further promotes space, light and the open flow of the home. It unifies both storeys whilst delivering a natural texture and material that complements the overarching design intent.

Bathroom & Landing of Kestrel House 

The lightweight nature of Concreate floor panels, and its simple tongue and groove installation made the inclusion of polished concrete floors to all rooms on both levels of the home, and the central stairs incredibly straightforward.

The house was also designed with energy and cost efficiency as a priority and the use of Concreate floors combines a host of green benefits along with it being a far more cost effective option then many traditional concrete floor products.

The finished holiday home has certainly delivered on being architecturally striking inside and out – as well as creating a holiday home retreat close to the mountains that promotes relaxation and calm.