New Concreate Large panels provide the perfect solution for a loft style kitchen extension

Installation Type: Residential
Product(s) Used: CFB101/ Natural Grey Large

Krista, partner Nigel and their two children have lived in this typical Victorian style home in Byfleet Surrey for over ten years. Originally a two up two down with a long galley kitchen and bathroom located at the rear of the ground floor, one of the first things the couple wanted to do when they moved in was locate the bathroom upstairs and extend the kitchen.

However, running into planning complications they settled for a loft conversion, freeing up space to add a bathroom upstairs as a compromise solution.

Krista explained; “The initial work we did to create a bit more space to facilitate an upstairs bathroom was a compromise, but it worked well enough for us while the kids’ were younger. As time has gone on though we found ourselves needing more space and wanted a more open plan social and family orientated living area.”

Toying with the idea of moving to a larger property they decided it was worth another go at getting planning for a rear extension. “We love the house and location, located down a quiet cul-de-sac, so while a move may have solved our space issues, it would be costly compared to trying to make the most of the home we were happy in.”

This time around planning was easier, and a rear extension to knock through and widen the old galley kitchen space was given the go ahead. Delighted, the couple set about creating a design brief for their local builder.

“We had three key design elements to our brief. Exposed brick, concrete floors and full height bi-folds to maximise natural light in the kitchen along with skylights – a brief inspired from the minimalist modern loft style designs we had seen and loved.”

Adamant they wanted to stick to this design brief, complications arose when sourcing concrete floors.

“Traditional concrete was proving costly, and we were warned about the long lead times to prepare and dry the floors – plus a risk of cracking if we installed it with the under floor heating we wanted.”

Searching for alternative solutions Krista discovered Concreate when researching online and ordered samples. They liked the look of the samples but wanting to see the floors at their full size located a nearby Concreate retailer in Guildford who had the floor panels installed in their showroom.

“We paid them a visit, and while impressed that they would deliver the concrete floor finish we wanted complication free, we were worried the standard plank size could look too busy for the space. Explaining our concerns we were informed new wider format Concreate panels were due to be released and got back in touch with Concreate to find out more.”

The new wider sized Concreate panels measure an impressive 600mm wide by 1200mm long. With the same tongue and groove installation profile of the standard plank size, the larger scale of the panels produces the same smooth concrete floor finish, but with an enhanced feeling of space from the simplicity of requiring fewer panel joins.

Deciding this wider format was perfect for the project, Concreate Natural Grey Large panels have been installed in the new kitchen. The once narrow galley kitchen has been opened out with a full width extension, flooded with natural light and full of decor inspired by modern loft design.

The floors present an urban edge which blends effortlessly with the exposed brick wall of the extension and the wood floors that run through from the old dining space, knocked through to create the open plan kitchen diner.

“We love the new floors. Installation was so quick and easy which meant we were able to press on with installing the kitchen without delay. The whole project took just under three months and the quick installation nature of Concreate to achieve our desired concrete floors played a huge part in that speed.

“They work so well with the underfloor heating too, feeling warm underfoot and maintaining the heat in the space – plus they are a breeze to keep clean. We were actually able to reuse our original kitchen units, adding a new grey feature island, designer extractor and vintage filament pendants to complete the look.

“We are so happy we decided to stay in the home we love and finally complete our extension which has modernised the home and given us a sociable family space. And with the help of finding Concreate we were able to stick to our original design brief, creating the loft style design we had in mind from the start.”

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