Concreate flooring helps Gourmet Burger Kitchen deliver their industrial luxe fit out style

Installation Type: Commercial
Product(s) Used: CF102/ Dark Grey | CF103/ Mineral White

Back in 2001, three Kiwi guys including world-renowned chef Peter Gordon set up the first Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Battersea, South London. An opening that would change the UK burger scene and the restaurant brand has since established over 70 restaurants across the UK.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen with Concreate floors installedTheir concept is based around serving high quality hand-crafted burgers, combining the freshest ingredients in ambient, cool surroundings that set them apart from other UK burger operators.

Fusion Design & Architecture, a market leading consultancy with over 20 years experience within the hospitality, leisure and retail sectors, has worked closely with the GBK brand, creating interior schemes for many of their UK restaurant openings, closely interpreting the company brand into restaurant designs that match.

Fusion explains the concept behind the restaurant designs, “We took the Gourmet Burger Kitchen intention, to deliver classic high quality burgers in contemporary surroundings, and have developed an interior style to match. Industrial features and luxury detailing delivers an industrial luxe style. It’s all about adding the finer details to an otherwise pared back urban scheme to create a classic, cool burger bar with stylish retro touches.

“Each restaurant is unique in its design and colour scheme, however we look to have this common industrial luxe design theme running through all of them to maintain the core GBK brand identity.”

Gourmet Burger Kitchen staines with concrete floorsFlooring is vital to the success of each scheme, and the Fusion design team look to create subtle zones and ambiences in each restaurant with a mix of concrete, timber and parquet flooring.

“An element of exposed concrete floors delivers a key industrial element in each design.  Whilst some of the restaurant locations already had concrete floors, or were able to accommodate traditional poured concrete, we were hitting challenges in some venues where either sub-floor or budget constraints were making poured concrete floors prohibitive.

“Researching solutions around this we discovered Concreate flooring. It was ideal as the panels could be installed on almost any sub-floor and level, whilst still offering us a genuine concrete finish. They were also more affordable and quick and easy to install, which also impressed our client.”

Concreate flooring was first installed in Gourmet Burger Kitchen’s Trafford Centre restaurant in Manchester some 18 months ago.  With both client and design team happy they have since gone on to feature in recent GBK openings in Southampton, Newport, Brighton and Staines and are currently being installed in Exeter and Basingstoke locations ready for their imminent launch.

Conceate’s lightweight engineered concrete floors panels are available in three colour ranges

Mineral White features in Manchester’s Trafford Centre.

Natural Grey features in Southampton.

Dark Grey features in Exeter, Newport, Basingstoke, Brighton and Staines.

The GBK restaurants typically feature Concreate floors in the main entrance and serving counter zones, testament to the floorings suitability in a busy restaurant environment. The concrete panels durable non-slip surface is also easy to maintain and simple to keep clean.

So next time you are stepping out for a Gourmet Burger take a look at the floors, you might just spot Concreate.

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