A rural new build is zoned by Concreate’s wood and concrete flooring system

Installation Type: Commercial
Product(s) Used: CF103/ Mineral White | CFW101/ Smoke White Oak

Carole Morris and her husband have lived in Bodicote, a small village just a few miles from Banbury, Oxfordshire, for over thirty years.  Owners of a large farm house, they decided that the four bedroom home was getting too big for them, and were keen to find a property that suited their needs better; one with more living space and less bedrooms.

Adjacent to their farmhouse was an ideal plot of land which they already owned and they decided this was ideal to develop a new home on and subsequently gained planning permission.  They were set to create their perfect home in the village they loved, and they wouldn’t have to worry about the neighbours as their son and his wife and children decided to move in and make the larger farmhouse their new family home.

“I was keen to create open plan living in our new build, however my husband wanted a more traditional layout.  Our compromise was to install internal bi-fold doors so living spaces could be kept open, or closed off if desired.”

Open plan living zoned by Concreate wood and concrete floor panelsCarole visited Grand Designs in Spring 2014 seeking inspiration for the project.  Here she was introduced to Concreate’s innovative new floor and wall panels.

“I was in a bit of conundrum on how to make different types of flooring work across the ground floor spaces, yet maintain an open and seamless feel. When I discovered Concreate at Grand Designs I was excited to find a product that allows wood and concrete flooring to be laid together with no messy transitions or trims.”

“We were also keen on having underfloor heating, and the team at the show explained how well the products work with this.  I was sold, and loved the idea of zoning the downstairs using Concreate’s combination of concrete and wood panels.”

Concreate panels allow wood and concrete floor surfaces to combine with no transition gap for the first time.  A common tongue and groove system is used on the concrete and oak panels in the range, allowing subtle room zones to be denoted using wood, concrete or a mix of Concreate colours.

s2A3C3058-8This simple panel technology means a room can be transformed within hours, completely dust free and with no grouting or polishing. The floors are fitted on a bed of fast drying solvent free adhesive which not only makes it quick to install, but the new floor can be walked on straight away.

“Concreate introduced us to Past & Present Flooring who were able to provide an expert fitter for the floor. They were incredibly helpful and accommodating, visiting to install the kitchen floor with very short notice, then returning to finish the rest of the job when the next phase was ready.”

“We love the floor and it’s so practical. It works really well with our under floor heating, looks so stylish and contemporary, and does the perfect job of separating the spaces subtly leaving an open plan feel.  It has also been very easy to clean and maintain, despite two active dogs and all the muddy fields outside!”

The finished project combines Concreate’s Mineral White and Smoke White Oak panels. You can view the full concreate range here.

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