Creating the latest concrete trends just got easier with innovative Concreate

The trend for using concrete in contemporary interior design is at an all time high with a host of products and looks inspiring modern, urban and textured concrete styling that is both architecturally striking and hard wearing.

Despite this popularity traditional concrete products and finishes often come with a big investment in terms of time and cost to create the finished look, not that this deters people away from the popularity of concrete due to its aesthetic and long lasting results.

But what if the latest concrete trends could be created using a new concrete material that is lightweight, cost effective, durable and easy to install, whilst mirroring the same high end look of traditional poured and polished concrete? Welcome to new and innovative Concreate floor and wall panels.

Concreate is the first product of its kind. The cutting-edge product was inspired by the groundbreaking and environmentally friendly concrete surfaces used in the Beijing Olympic Village and is manufactured with the same magnesium oxide cement to produce a lightweight decorative engineered concrete panel that looks and feels just like poured concrete.

Sustainable, contemporary and stylish, Concreate is a versatile alternative to conventional poured and polished concrete surfaces. The ready-made floor and wall panels can be installed in just about any interior space and work alongside any material to create compelling architectural styling.

Here are just a few reasons why Concreate is an ideal choice to give your space a fashionable and durable concrete look without compromising on style or quality.

Ease of installation

A room can be transformed within hours, completely dust free and with no grouting or polishing as Concreate arrives pre sealed and pre polished. The floors are fitted on a bed of fast drying solvent free adhesive which not only makes it quick to install, but the new floor can be walked on straight away.



Raised and upper floors are often a deterrent for installing concrete floors, posing structural difficulties given the weight and installation requirements of poured concrete. Concreate floor panels are lightweight and can be installed on any type of sub floor with no weight baring issues. So from bedrooms to bathrooms and mezzanines to stairways, concrete becomes an option in any space.



Concreate uses only a small amount of traditional portland cement concrete in its 4mm decorative wear layer and over 75% of each panel is made from magnesium oxide (MgO) cement, which uses 60% less CO2 in its production. And given its versatility to be laid on any level surface it can be installed without consuming extra materials and waste, making Concreate a more environmentally friendly choice than traditional concrete surfaces.

Aesthetic finish

The Concreate surface is intricately produced with a raw brutalist aesthetic in mind and is air cured, which gives each panel a unique natural surface patina. The Concreate floor and wall panels are available in five natural shades, Natural Grey, Dark Grey, Metal Grey, Titanium Black and Mineral White.

16smArchitectural features

The nature of Concreate wall panels enables them to be used with complete creativity. Dramatic lighting, floating stairs, bathroom panels, kitchen splash backs and feature shelving are just some of the ways you can get really creative with Concreate. Patterns can even be engraved.


Concrete is often met with concerns over it being cold, which is far from the truth. The surface of Concreate is very tactile and not cold to touch. It absorbs ambient temperature and stores it as a thermal mass. This means that it can heat up quickly and maintains room temperature unlike thick poured or tiled concrete floors. It is also perfect for under floor heating.


So far the focus has been on the interior use of Concreate but the wall panels can be used in a myriad of ways outside to create decorative features such as garden walls, seating and planters. The wall panels can be fully bonded using Concreate wall adhesive to any flat surface. Basic construction block or weather treated lightweight wooden frames can be transformed into concrete structures, which look and feel like solid concrete forms.

So hopefully this inspires you not to be daunted by concrete. Concreate’s unique floor and wall panels make creating a modern concrete twist in any interior space, on any floor, and even outside, easy; whether you are an interior professional, commercial contractor or homeowner striving for the good looks and longevity of concrete styling.

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