Concrete Floor Ideas – Be Creative with innovative Concreate Flooring

Concrete in interior design continues to grow in popularity across both residential and commercial projects.  The smooth, urban feel of concrete provides a striking surface that works effortlessly when mixed with other textures and colours, producing authentic, modern, architectural styling in any space.

However, traditional concrete products and finishes often come with a big investment in terms of time and cost to create the finished look, and some spaces and subfloors are just not suitable for traditional concrete flooring methods.

Concreate is different.  The eco-friendly, pre-cast concrete panels are lightweight, easy to install and work in almost any interior space, without the usual barriers and difficulties of concrete floor installation.

And being so versatile they offer a host of creative applications that are just not possible with many traditional concrete flooring products.

To inspire your concrete creativity here are just a few ideas on how you can get creative with Concreate.

Laying patters

Concrete floor ideas - herringbone patternConcreate floor panels use a tongue and groove system, similar to wood flooring, which allows complete flexibility in how you choose to lay them.  Opt for a seamless straight floor, or why not look to add patterns and zones to your concrete floors.

From herringbone to geometric layouts, or complete variation to neat lines, the pre-cast polished concrete floor panels will work in whatever layout you choose.

You could even add different tones to zone an open plan space. Available in five colour finishes you can combine tones for a more dramatic effect.

Concrete in bedrooms and bathrooms

Raised and upper floors are often a no-no for traditional concrete flooring. Weight baring issues and sub floor construction have meant concrete for upper floors is just not practical.  The lightweight nature of Concreate has removed this barrier, meaning concrete styling can be applied in any space including bedrooms, bathrooms, mezzanines and upper commercial floors.

bathroom 3 usa Bedroom with Concreate floors

Unlike traditional concrete floors, Concreate has natural warmth underfoot; it is very tactile and not cold to touch. It also absorbs ambient temperature and stores it as a thermal mass, which means that it can heat up quickly and maintain room temperature – perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms.  It is also ideal for installating with under floor heating.

Co-ordinating wall and features

Once installed a Concreate floor looks great and will last for years, and as interior design techniques advance there is a trend to applying your surface materials in a more creative way.  Our Concreate floor panel range is also available as coordinating wall panels, so you can extend your concrete floor finish and match it on a host of other applications.

The nature of the wall panels enables them to be used with complete creativity.  Dramatic lighting, floating stairs, bathroom panels, kitchen splash backs and feature shelves and structures are just some of the ways you can get really creative with Concreate. Patterns can even be engraved for complete personalisation.

Seat made from Concreate panels

The panels can be bonded quickly and easily with Concreate wall adhesive to any object and surface to create features which look and feel like fully cast concrete, complementing your Concreate floor perfectly.

Order samples

These are just a few ideas for how to use new and innovative Concreate. If you are inspired, why not order samples and start planning how you can introduce easy, cost effective and eco-friendly concrete styling into your next interior project.


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