Concreate puts on a great show in new Hollywood showroom.

Concreate is a popular innovative floor and wall panel system gaining pace not only in the UK, but in the US as well. It’s quickly becoming the product of choice for discerning interior designers, architects and homeowners seeking a fashionable and practical concrete finish.

Testament to this is the calibre of the new Concreate showroom and warehouse that has just opened in Los Angeles, California.

The 5000 sq. ft. premises opened in January this year, and the vision behind it was to offer something a little different to the many other stone and tile suppliers found at the same location.

We spoke to Roi Kuris, CEO of Concreate, USA about the project.

“We are in one of the most popular locations for many of the leading stone, tile and industry related suppliers here in the United States. We wanted to do something a little different to showcase the possibilities and innovative nature of Concreate floor and wall panels and set about creating a rare combination of an inspiring showroom within the warehouse.”

The 2000 sq. ft. showroom space certainly does this and combines a host of interior design ideas and creative possibilities for new Concreate floor and wall panels. The floor has been laid out to demonstrate how light and darker concrete tones can be combined, and how for the first time wood and concrete panels can combine with no transition gap using the Smoked White Oak panel that is part of the Concreate product line. The unique panel system enables a creative and subtle approach to denoting different zones and uses in any interior space.

“Viewing here is by appointment only, and when people arrive they are not expecting to see a showroom of this style so they are simply blown away. This isn’t a walk by location, people who make an appointment have heard about Concreate often online or in the press, but they really get to see the full potential of the products when they visit us here.”

The wall panels provide enormous creative potential. A few examples are full wall installations, dramatic lighting, bathroom paneling and shelving. The showroom has been set up to inspire the creative mind to see the myriad of ways this new product can be used to create stunning architectural features and finishes.

Just like in the UK, the American market is equally impressed by Concreate’s more practical benefits. It has strong green credentials and a unique lightweight nature that enables concrete to be easily installed on higher floors. It has long-term durability and is very easy to install. A room can be transformed with a high quality eco-friendly floor in just one day.

Roi goes on to say,

“The showroom has only be open since January and the reaction to Concreate has been very impressive. We have secured some major projects and the interest across the interior design industry is extremely exciting.”

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