Serve up Concreate in your kitchen – instant concrete style for contemporary kitchen design

Whether you are a homeowner planning a new dream kitchen, or an interior professional looking to design a cutting edge home or commercial kitchen space, if you want to add concrete flair to your next project then Concreate floor and wall panels may be just the solution you are looking for.

The lightweight, engineered concrete panels work in any interior space to add instance architectural style, and one space where the use of Concreate to deliver concrete floors and features for the home continues to soar is in the kitchen, for both its aesthetic and practical benefits.

Offering a host of creative possibilities, along with easy installation and maintenance, here are just a few great reasons to consider serving up Concreate in your kitchen design.

Concrete good looks that work with any interior style

Concreate flooring delivers a natural aesthetic that works with any kitchen style. It blends perfectly into an ultra-modern sleek kitchen to add subtle texture and promote clean lines, but is just as at home adding an urban architectural contrast against more traditional kitchen fittings for a fusion of styles.

Poggenpohl kitchen with concrete floor panels Traditional kitchen with Concreate floor panels

Polished concrete floors installed in a day, no fuss, no mess

Many Concreate customers originally considered a poured polished concrete floor. Then the reality of cost, subfloor requirements and the lengthy installation process hit home.  Concreate removes these barriers as the pre-cast polished concrete panels have a simple tongue and groove profile and a floor can be laid in a day, much like wood flooring. You can also choose to lay the concrete floors pre- or post kitchen units being installed removing complex timing issues from your schedule.

Get creative and create concrete walls, splashbacks and features

All five of the Concreate floor colours are also available as lightweight wall panels. Clad to walls, ceilings and structures the creation of concrete features has never been so easy. Inject some concrete texture into a feature wall, replace dated tiles with a Concreate splashback or even clad your kitchen units for the ultimate concrete kitchen design.

Kitchen splashback made from Concreate wall panels Kitchen cabinets clad in Concreate wall panels

Mix Concreate floors to zone large open plan kitchen spaces

Concreate floors are available in five colour ranges. This means you can create subtle zones and textures within one open plan space by mixing the concrete colours with no messy transitions to live with.

Concreate in kitchen design

At home in both domestic and commercial kitchens

The easy maintenance and durability of Concreate floors makes them ideal for use in both the home and heavier footfall kitchens found in offices and retail spaces. Concreate is already sealed with 3 coats of Concreate high solid oil which seals the open pores of the concrete surface keeping it water and stain resistant.

Once installed correctly it is virtually impossible to damage the durable surface, if a damaged panel is found it is easily repaired with Concreate powder repair kits, and keeping them clean is easy with Wood’s Good Natural Care Spray which is simple to apply and easy to clean with using an applicator mop.

adobe_06  salva_mendez-0910

Naturally warm and perfect for underfloor heating

The natural patina of Concreate panels generates an aesthetic warmth and contrast that works alongside any colour scheme. The concrete feels warm and soft underfoot and has the added benefit of being ideal for use with underfloor heating so you can remove space wasting radiators from your kitchen design.

Sun on concrete floors img_8214-1024x683

These are just a few good reasons to consider Concreate when designing kitchen spaces.

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