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About Concreate

béton brut

In the mid-20th century, famous Swiss Architect Le Corbusier coined the French phrase “béton brut” meaning “raw concrete” to describe the aesthetics of external and internal walls finished in poured concrete. Concreate prefinished floor planks and wall panels now give designers and the building industry access to the defining material used by Le Corbusier and other great contemporary brutalist architects. Ultimately, this creates a retrofitted, extremely easy-to-use panel system that is lightweight, inexpensive and highly attractive.

Concreate® is a global company, created in 2010 and introduced to the US market in January 2015.

To address the increased global trend of polished concrete flooring, one of the top European exotic wood flooring manufacturers with 20 years of industry experience, developed a completely innovative concept in the flooring and wall paneling categories. Concreate® has quickly and overwhelmingly been accepted by all segments of the design community and created a powerful market presence.

US Distribution and Global Sales and Marketing are headquartered in Los Angeles, with reginal distribution centers in England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa.

Committed to creating, maintaining and always improving a top quality product, we at Concreate® have invested in extensive research and development, highly trained personnel, and the highest quality ingredients to produce an exceptional product.

Tongue & Groove Flooring

What is Tongue and Groove (T+G) Flooring?

Tongue and Groove Flooring is a method of flooring installation that allows many separate panels to come together and act as one monolithic floor installation. See the image above for an example of a Concreate’s Tongue and Groove.

Why is Tongue and Groove (T+G) beneficial?

The Tongue and Groove method of joining planks had been a standard in the wood flooring and cabinetry industry for over a century. The fitment of the tongue into the groove provides a consistent and secure connection between individual pieces. This sturdy yet flexible connection ensures that the floor will stay together as one, yet allows for micro-movements between pieces for expansion and contraction.

Why is Concreate unique?

Concreate is the first product of its kind to offer a concrete-substrate, T+G flooring system that offers both concrete and wood finishes in the same overall thickness. By using the same substrate, there is no change in level at the transitions! Integrate concrete and wood together to make a unique look with real, high quality, wood and concrete finishes.


Concrete Flooring

A completely new and innovative patented product that consists of a polished concrete floor panel system designed to be glued on to a new or retrofit construction project. This attractive, real concrete finish, shows the irregularities and characteristics of a typical polished concrete floor. Concreate® floor planks were engineered to an exceptionally high standard and are available in three natural colors.

Concreate floor planks are ready for installation straight out-of-the-box. They are incredibly durable on the surface and have a soft texture underfoot. Our product is fire and water resistant and has excellent built-in acoustic properties. Concreate floor planks have excellent thermal properties storing passive heat during the winter as well as efficiently transmitting under-floor heating into a room. The mineral composition of the floor planks makes them environmentally sound to reproduce and recycle.

Concrete Wall Panel

This new and innovative patented product consists of a polished concrete panel designed to be adhered to walls of any new or retrofit construction project. Made for interior applications only. This attractive, real concrete finish, shows the irregularities and characteristics of natural, polished concrete. Concreate® wall panels were engineered to an exceptionally high standard and are available in three natural colors.

Concreate wall panels are only 1/8” thick and weigh less than 1.4 lbs. per square foot making them ideal for many uses other than just walls. This includes custom fabrications and joinery applications. Creative architects and designers will find countless alternative uses for this incredible, attractive and versatile product.

Concreate walls panels are ready for installation. They are incredibly durable, fire and water resistant and have excellent built-in acoustic properties.

Wood Flooring

This prefinished wood top layer is mounted over the same mineral composite substrate used for the base of all Concreate® floor planks. The planks easily hinge to each other using a tongue and groove system. Concreate® wood and concrete planks fit perfectly in conjunction with each other without having to struggle with any offset issues.

Concreate® wood floor planks are ready for installation, incredibly strong and become a beautiful feature to any construction project. They are treated in natural oils are fire and water resistant with excellent built-in acoustic properties.

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